Website rules and condition

If you run into a problem, you should read this section first before contacting us.

Free roll

In our site every hour you can earn free ethereum it depend on number what was generated. Number is generated by our script. After generation number we will give you reward what have you won. Process is simple you can not lose anything.


In our site you can won or lost ethereum in our multiply game. If you have financial problems we dont recommend to use it you can lose all your funds(ethereum) in this game. Number is generated by our script. Won depend on your win chance it is calculated by chance and other math operation. After you won or lost you will be notified and your balance will be changed by this value. Funds(ethereum) in this section are not refundable.


In our site you can won or lost funds in lottery You can buy lottery ticket if your ticket wom some position in position list you will receive funds from this won. Funds(ethereum) in this section are not refundable.

Withdraw and deposit

User has permission to d or deposit their funds anytime. Sometimes we can have deposit or withdraw maintenance. User has to pay network fee as fee for process transaction to network + our work to check if it transaction is correct To withdraw, your balance must be greater than the minimum value for withdrawals + network fee, otherwise you are not entitled to withdraw funds. Funds in this section are not refundable if you set wrong withdraw address.

Trade buy sell

In our site, you can buy or sell your eth to usdt or other token and back it can help you to make a profit during price go down and up. By using our site you agree the transaction made in the trade section is nonrefundable and you agree with the fee for each trade, which is nonrefundable.

Disable account

If you dont fallow our site rules who is placed bellow login dialog or here we can disable your account and all your funds placed in your a account can be forfeit to our site. If you dont agree with account disable you can contact us and we will send you prove about your forbidden activity


You are solely responsible for your own activity on your account our site disclaims responsibility for any of your activity, if your account is misused or your password is stolen it is entirely your own responsibility including any consequences such as loss of funds.


Our funds are held in hardware wallets and are carefully accounted for. Our company always has enough funds in custody to pay all clients according to the withdrawal section rules.